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Apron Thrift Girl

This was a photo taken at the Antique Society a few weeks ago. Yesterday this space was emptied by the previous tenant and I began painting the back wall in preparation for my next ReSelling experience. Today I officially begin to rent this space, I finish painting it (aqua of course) and begin moving in my Mid Century Modern lamps, artwork, decor, furniture and more.

Mod Sonoma moves beyond just a blog for me to share my passion about MCM, but a place to sell what I truly love. I can wait to thrift on the weekend and arrive on Monday morning and place something in my Mod Sonoma space.

Although the cost is higher than any other ReSelling fee that I have, the option to sell things quickly without having to take photos, edit photos, list an item and package an item will give me a lot more freedom. As we all know, time is money.

I mentioned often here at ATG that balance is the key to a successful ReSelling business. Although I always have tried to find that balance I have never truly accomplished it. I felt that I was just taking control of inventory, organizing and listing in February right before we moved and life became crazy and my ample storage disappeared. As many of you know, having too much inventory is often an issue for us. We love to buy.

Typically we buy more than we can process in a week. I buy on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with only four days really to prepare and list all of the inventory. This means that all the extra inventory goes in the garage for a later date.

One of my weaknesses in thrifting is my love of dishes. I don want to think about how many sets I have in my garage right now. Yet the difficulty (for me) in shipping dishes means they sit in a box until I feel that I am ready to pack and ship them.

To help solve this problem, Mod Sonoma is going to have an entire Pandora UK display of vintage Heath Pottery. Tomorrow I will also display one of my favorite finds ever, 20 pieces of Starburst Franciscan Dinnerware. Ever. I adore these but profit outweighs adoration at times like these.

I realize that my buying audience will change. It won exactly be a global market like eBay and Etsy offers. Yet we do get so many shoppers from the San Francisco Bay Area as well as those visiting Sonoma County from all over the country.

I also now have the option to Pandora UK place things in my space until I am ready to list them on line. It kind of like they will be stored but in a venue where I can sell them if the right customer comes along. This is preferable to inventory in boxes in my garage.

I been spending the last couple of weeks pricing inventory. I love sitting down at the dining room table, listening to Pandora on my iphone and creating price tags with my number stamps. I have found this small task to be so relaxing.

While I love being on line, being at a computer usually gives me a headache. I never feel quite healthy behind a screen so now having an excuse to price inventory away from my Mac is heaven for me.

The next two days are extremely busy as I have to have everything ready in my space before the children and I drive north to Seattle for my mother memorial. We leave Friday morning.

I considering hosting a sort of open house at my space in late August or early September. If you are a local reader and might be interested in attending, would you please let me know in the comments. There will be small gifts, edible treats and lots of talk about thrifting and ReSelling.

I definitely be sharing my experience being in an Antique Store with all of you, both the ups and downs of being a part of a bricks and mortar store. I hoping for many more ups of course. I feel that this Pandora UK Sale is the year that my business is really going to take off in ways that I never imagined.

If you are local and interested in inventory that will be headed to my space, you can like Mod Sonoma on Facebook. I will be using both the Mod Sonoma blog and facebook to announce added inventory as well as post articles about Mid Century Modern and Mod Design.

Do you sell in an Antique store? Do you have any advice or stories to share?

Christmas Listing in July

My sales are slow.

Partly it due to the fact that I working part time since I have the children home for the summer. It also summer and typically sales can be slower during this time of the year. Some of my motivation drive comes from things selling. I list, an item sells, I list more. It a wonderful cycle of energy that can bring more sales. I will admit that I find it harder to list when it slow. I start to think too much about why something isn selling rather than focusing my energy on listing more items in order to create sales.

This week I realized that Christmas is just 5 months away with holiday sales really starting to pick up in October. There is also the back to school purchases that begin in August. I trying to hold close to the memory that the autumn is an incredibly busy time and in order to fill my store I need to get listing now.

Although I have more time to list once the children head back in school, it also means more things will be selling and I be spending more time packing and shipping.

Listed for $85 Pandora Sale in my store. Sweet Book Set by Hilary Knight

Now is the time to really get listing if you can make the time. Sure, these items may sit for a few months but at 20 listing fee a month (for eBay store owners), it a real bargain.

Here what I do to make listing easier in the summer.

I try to list simple items. Both simple to list and simple to ship in case they do sell. I don have a lot of extra time to spend packaging up breakable inventory.

I list most of my items directly in my store as buy it now items. I also don have as much time to nurse auctions like I do the rest of the year.


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